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SKN Customized Facial:                                                

A customized treatment on the spot that supports your personal skin goals. Whether your skin needs a deep cleansing facial, extra extractions, a gentle peel, microdermabrasion, or oxygen therapy- you’ll get exactly what your skin needs to look it’s very best! 


SKN Acne Facial:                                                                

This deep pore cleansing treatment focuses on gently dilating the pores using liquid minerals and galvanic therapy to safely extract acne.  We will apply a customized clay mask and oxygenating treatment to slow oil production, kill the acne-causing bacteria and calm inflammation. This facial will leave your skin feeling fresh and clear. 


SKN Lifting Facial:                                                             

This advanced facial targets and stimulates muscles by using low amp waveforms giving a more toned and swept up appearance to the face.  The Lifting Facial requires a building phase, as well as a maintenance phase for longer lasting effects.  This facial can also be used as a wonderful re-boot to help improve skin elasticity, collagen stimulation and helps to sculpt the cheeks and jawline.  We combine micro-current with LED for the perfect no downtime glow. 


SKN Filter Facial:
Our famous red-carpet facial. This will leave your skin fresh and glowing. We start by gently exfoliating your skin with fruit enzymes, dermaplaning the dead layer of skin and peach fuzz, one pass with the 1319 nm to shrink pores and  stimulate collagen and elastin. We then apply our lactic acid peel and finished with our high-powered LED light. 


Advanced SKN Procedures 


ADVAtx is the worlds most advanced solid-state yellow light. The wavelength is widely acknowledged as the gold standard in treating vascular conditions and the first hybrid to incorporate rejuvenation (1319nm) to address a wide range of conditions. There are two lasers which are; 589 nanometer laser to treat rosacea, hyperpigmentation, melasma, photo damage, inflammation, and acne. The 1319 nanometer laser treats fine lines, acne scarring and improves collagen production. 



Microneedling is an advanced solution for the treatment of fine lines, pigment, acne scars, sun damage, and is known for improving the skin's overall appearance. Small needles are glided across the skin to create micro-channels to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. For best results, a series of treatments is typically recommended.


VI Peel:                                                                                 

This medical-grade peel safely removes the damaged layers of the skin to restore a smoother, clearer and firmer appearance. We love this unique blend of acids and vitamins because it is safe for all skin types and can be customized depending on your skin needs. It is a gentle yet powerful peel with minimum downtime.

Micro Enhancements

Rise And Shine:                                                       

#11s, frown lines, and crow's feet. 

Kick the "tired" look to the curb with this simple treatment! 

Botox/dysport = Tox! 

Perfect Pout:                                                            

Lip enhancement

Have the luscious lips you've always wanted with this artful treatment!

Kysse/Volbella/Juvederm and Tox



Cheek enhancement

Make a statement with envious high cheek-bones!




Tackle unwanted pockets of fat and get the sculpted jawline/profile. A series of treatments is typically recommended spaced 4-6 weeks apart.  


One Of A Kind:                                                

We are happy to create a customized approach! Let's chat.